The Model 17i Ammonia Analyzer uses chemiluminescence technology for a reaction that produces a characteristic luminescence with intensity proportional to the amount of NH3 (ammonia) in the air, not NO. This highly reliable analyzer provides long-term stability and is commonly used for continuous monitoring of ammonia emissions in industrial and agricultural settings.

The Thermo Scientific™ Model 17i Ammonia Analyzer is a highly reliable analyzer that utilizes chemiluminescence technology to measure both ammonia (NH3) and nitrogen oxides (NO, NOx) concentrations in ambient air. It features unparalleled sensitivity and selectivity, and offers automatic and manual modes, selectable time constants, and three different measurement modes: NO mode, NOx mode, and Nt mode.

In the NO mode, the sample is mixed with Ozone in the reaction chamber, producing a luminescence that is proportional to the concentration of NO. In the NOx mode, the sample is passed through a molybdenum converter that reduces any NO2 to NO, which is then measured as NOx (NO + NO2). In the Nt mode, the sample is passed through a converter that converts both NO2 and NH3 to NO, which is then measured as Nt (NO + NO2 + NH3).

The Model 17i also features the iSeries Advantage, which includes Ethernet connectivity for efficient remote access, an enhanced user interface with one-button programming and a large display screen, flash memory for increased data storage and user downloadable software, an improved electronics design that optimizes product commonality, and an improved layout for easier accessibility to components.