25mm air sampling cassettes are manufactured to meet the standards set forth by NIOSH, OSHA, and EPA. The cassette housings are made from either polystyrene or polypropylene, and are available in two or three piece configurations. They are preloaded and ready to use, and are assembled under strict quality assurance standards.

One of the key features of these cassettes is their leak-free design, which helps to ensure accurate and reliable sampling results. They are also suitable for use in the Hexavalent Chromium method ID 215, which is used to measure levels of hexavalent chromium in the air.

The cassettes have been tested for gravimetric stability and have been found to have a stability of less than 0.5% after 24 hours at 48% relative humidity and 50°C (122°F). They also have a low ash content of less than 1%, which is important for accurate analysis of collected samples.

Overall, these 25mm air sampling cassettes appear to be a high-quality and reliable option for collecting air samples in a variety of applications.