These cassettes are designed to meet NIOSH requirements for sampling various types of airborne contaminants, such as dusts, fumes, mists, and fibers, and can be used for both closed-face and open-face sampling methods.

The 37mm filter cassette is available in both standard two-piece and three-piece styles, while the 25mm filter cassette is only available in the three-piece style. The three-piece cassettes allow for open face sampling, which is typically used for sampling asbestos and other fibers. The cassettes come with various types of membrane filters, including PVC, Teflon, Glass fiber, Silver, Quartz and MCE.

The cellulose shrink seals are used to provide a tight seal around the cassette and can be applied wet and will shrink when dry. This provides a positive indication that the cassette has not been tampered with during transportation to the lab for analysis. The cassette holder consists of tubing with a clip and is designed to mount the cassette to the worker collar close to the breathing zone.

Overall, these filter cassettes and accessories are useful tools for collecting and analyzing airborne contaminants in personal air sampling applications.