The Thermo Scientific™ 42iQ NOx monitoring analyzer is designed to measure the amount of nitrogen oxides (NO-NO2-NOx) in emissions from a source. It uses chemiluminescent technology to provide highly precise measurements from sub-ppm levels up to 1000ppm. The analyzer is part of the iQ Series Gas Analyzers, which offer 24/7 access to instrument data and are designed to improve over time, reducing troubleshooting time and increasing efficiency. The 42iQ NOx monitoring analyzer is a tough and reliable solution for monitoring nitrogen oxide emissions in industrial processes.

The Thermo Scientific™ iQ Series Gas Analyzer offers several features to improve predictive diagnostics, proactive communications, and personal device connectivity. With improved serviceability and plug and play components, the analyzer can address problems before they occur. 24/7 access to analyzer information also helps minimize troubleshooting time with interchangeable DMC modules in a highly precise, yet tough solution.

The iQ360 and email alerts maintain optimum performance, and when subscribed to the iQ360 service, the instrument communicates directly to the technical support team upon alarm activation. The technical support team then develops a corrective plan and emails it to the staff. This feature eliminates surprises and allows for better control of the day with the iQ Series Gas Analyzers.

The iQ companion mobile device app allows for real-time, continuous remote monitoring of iQ gas analyzers. The app offers simplified ways of getting in touch with the company and instant access to both maintenance alerts and product documentation.