7200 is a controller from 16 to 64 channels allowing to connect up to 64 gas detection points allowing to visualize the signal and integrate it to connect it to other control devices such as PLC’s. It is a device with a large color LCD screen that allows you to view all the gas measurement and monitoring devices, showing their results and the status of the measurement of each of the points in the same instrument:

  • Controller up to 64 channels
  • Large format color screen showing trends, bar graphs and colors indicating the status of each channel
  • Accepts up to 64 analog signals, ModBus RTU/TCP, Ethernet
  • Five configurable relays including siren and fault alarm
  • User protection by password
  • Data logging on SD card for up to one year of information
  • Magnetic keyboard
  • Web server for remote configuration and monitoring
  • Power connection via 10-30 VDC