The CAS 9002 series mobile infrastructure is a flexible and customizable solution for short-duration monitoring and measurement, odorization, pickling, regulation, and RTUs. It is particularly useful for non-typical energy sources like biogas and expanding LDC networks, as well as during the replacement of existing infrastructure or for rapid deployment of critical infrastructure.

These mobile units are built to meet and exceed NFPA/NEC requirements for both general-purpose and hazardous area locations. When developing a mobile system, important considerations include determining which components require ASME or DOT certification, how to safely transport support equipment such as hoses and data cabling, how to properly ground and bond the system, and where to store adapter spools and blind flanges. CAS can work with customers to address these questions and design an appropriate mobile application that optimizes space and provides an immediately deployable solution.

The 9002 series infrastructure can be configured with preferred equipment and instrumentation and is tubed and wired to specific customer requirements. CAS can also provide sourcing and engineering services to ensure a comprehensive and effective solution.