The CBA (Compressed Breathing Air) colorimetric tube kit provides a simple and cost-effective solution for measuring various compounds in breathing air. It comes with a tube holder valve that can hold colorimetric tubes to measure CO2, CO, Oil Mist, Oxygen, and water vapor in compressed breathing air systems. The kit features an adjustable flowmeter that can accommodate flow rates of 50 to 600 cc/min, making it ideal for use with high-pressure air sources of up to 3000 psi. The kit is easy to use and requires no calibration, making it a low-cost solution for monitoring the quality of breathing air.

The CBA (Compressed Breathing Air) colorimetric tubes kit consists of an economical and easy-to-use kit for measuring different compounds in breathing air in order to check the concentrations and conditions of the air contained in breathing compress cylinders. The kit consists in a valve with a tube holder where can be place a colorimetric tube according to the compounds need to measure by the user.

  • Tube Holder for colorimetric tubes for measuring of CO2, CO, Oil Mist, Oxygen and water vapor in CBA systems
  • Adjustable flowmeter from 50 to 600 cc/min
  • High-Pressure Air Source (Up to 3000 psi)
  • Low-cost measurement system
  • Not require calibration