ATi’s ChlorNet is the first continuous battery powered, portable chlorine monitor that gives the same measurement performance as the traditional fixed monitor, with no compromise on measurement.

ChlorNet is proven to provide accurate, reliable and real-time data, helping water companies to improve water quality before it gets to the customer.  The robust, waterproof monitor allows changes in chlorine levels to be continuously monitored, while being alerted to any emerging problems by an alarm.  When used in conjunction with a modem and a web portal, ChlorNet can then geo-locate an event, indicating in which part of the network it is occurring. Using the same footprint as our market-leading fixed chlorine monitor, ChlorNet is a low powered, mini version which offers excellent, unrivalled results.

Our specialist knowledge in the sector of network monitoring allows us to lead the way in portable, online monitoring and take an already proven, industry-leading sensor and turn it into something genuinely unique. Tried and trusted chlorine sensor technology, coupled with our unrivalled knowledge in this field, ensures the ability to generate accurate and reliable data, time after time.