CI 21 is a fixed gas sensor for Ammonia monitoring, ideal for the detection of this compound in refrigeration systems through its Injection Carrier Charge technology, providing a longer useful life and resistance to exposure to high concentrations of Ammonia. This sensor offers an economical and robust solution for the measurement of Ammonia, eliminating false alarms and providing the best stability for this type of environment:

  • Sensor for measuring Ammonia using the Injection Carrier Charge principle.
  •  Available ranges of 20-200 ppm, 30-1000 ppm and 20-10000 ppm.
  • Operation in cold environments down to -40 °C.
  • Low cross-sensitivity, resistance to humidity and temperature.
  • 4-20mA output signal.
  • Degree of Protection IP54.
  • Operation by current 10-30 VDC
  • 2-year warranty and 3-year expected life for the sensor.