Moleaer’s patented ClearTM nanobubble generator is a chemical-free solution for improving water quality and restoring the natural health of lakes and ponds. The Clear’s hyper-efficient gas-injection technology uses air to produce a constant, concentrated stream of nanobubbles that provide a continuous source of treatment. Once injected, the nanobubbles distribute throughout the water column and the waterbody, effectively delivering oxygen and a mild, oxidative impact, even at the sediment layer. Nanobubbles are
a sustainable option for increasing dissolved oxygen concentrations, improving water clarity, and maintaining overall waterbody health, even in shallow or hard-to-treat water bodies.
The Clear is available in 50 and 150 GPM flow rates that use integrated compressors to supply atmospheric air or optional oxygen enriched-air for more demanding treatment applications. Specifically designed for aquatic management, the Clear is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
• 85% standard oxygen transfer efficiency
• Quiet, <65 dB
• 120 nm-sized nanobubbles
• >1 billion nanobubbles / mL
• Easy to install, plug & play
• Low maintenance
• Small footprint & lightweight
• Shore-mounted
• Integrated enriched-air generation (doubles oxygen supply)
• Integrated ozone generation
• Remote equipment monitoring

• Pond & Lake Aeration
• Irrigation Reservoir Aeration
• Algae & Algae Toxin Control
• Water Clarification
• Odor Control
• Iron & Manganese Control
• Midge Fly Control
• Hypolimnetic Aeration
• Sediment Decomposition