Cyclone for fractionation of particulate material necessary for evaluation of exposure methods to particulate material such as NIOSH 600, 7500 among others

The Dorr-Oliver unit is a sampling device designed to meet NIOSH sampling requirements for 10mm nylon cyclones, specifically for separating the respirable fraction of airborne dust from the nonrespirable fraction. It is able to capture airborne particles with aerodynamic diameters between 0.2 and 10 microns, which can cause lung disease with long-term exposure. The unit is suitable for monitoring the respirable fraction of all types of dust, from high toxic to nuisance particulate.

The unit features a two-stage cyclone and a lightweight aluminum frame, which is designed to mount a standard 3-part 37mm filter cassette, with membrane filter. At a flow rate of 1.7 LPM, recommended by NIOSH, the larger nonrespirable particles are centrifugally separated out and collected in a removable lower grit pot. The smaller, respirable particles pass through to the cassette, where they are captured by the filter membrane. This unit is particularly useful for monitoring pneumonconiosus-producing dusts, but can also be used for other types of dust.