Defender family primary flow calibrators offer fast and reliable piston sensing technology. Simply turn on the instrument and connect it to your sampling device for easy measurement. Its user-selectable options make it easy to customize your calibrations, giving you exactly what you need in the format you prefer. All you must do is choose the most convenient model from the 510, 520 or 530+ as well as the correct flow range for your application with modules from 5-500 cc/min, 50-5000 cc/min and 300-30000cc/min. Its softcal software allows data to be displayed in real time, as well as interaction with the flow variables in a Windows environment, and additionally, its ISO 17025 traceable calibration certificate gives all the reliability to its measurements. The Defender family is ideal for flow verification applications in both occupational health and the environment, giving you total confidence in the results of your sampling devices.

  • Family of piston flow calibrators for verification of volumetric flows in sampling devices with accuracy of +/- 0.75% (Model 530+)
  • Volumetric flow gauge available in ranges of 5-500 cc/min, 50-5000 cc/min and 300-30000 cc/min
  • Selectable units for flow (mL/min, L/min, cc/min, cf/min), temperature (°C, °F) and pressure (mmHg, PSI, kPa) depending on version
  • Actual Volume Flow and Standard Volume Flow (Model 530+)
  • Reading time between 1 – 15 seconds
  • Backlit LCD display
  • RS-232 communication interface
  • Operation by rechargeable batteries for operation between 6-8 hours