The UHSAS-G is an optical-scattering, laser-based aerosol particle spectrometer for sizing particles in the 0.06 µm to 1 µm range. The instrument counts particles in up to 100 user-specified sizing bins, with a resolution as fine as 1 nm/bin. This high sensitivity makes the UHSAS-G ideal for aerosol research and filter testing.

Get accurate sizes for even the smallest particles, and eliminate sizing uncertainty associated with scattering spectrometers that measure at sizes larger than the excitation wavelength. Categorize particles by size in up to 100 bins (user selects number of bins and boundaries), and count up to 3,000 particles per second. Rely on the aerosol spectrometry technique with two detection systems: a primary, highly sensitive APD-based system to size smaller particles and a secondary PIN photodiode system to size larger particles. Compensate for small drifts in laser power via automatic gain control.

UHSAS-G Software

The UHSAS-G comes with LabVIEW-designed software that provides a user-friendly virtual instrument panel for the control and data display of the UHSAS-G. For instance, the program enables the user to do the following tasks:

  • Start data recording and sampling
  • View a histogram of particles binned by diameter, by transit time, or by peak optical signal
  • Set boundaries for the histogram bins
  • Control sample flow and monitor temperature, pressure, and laser current
  • Calibrate the instrument