The E-SAMPLER is a portable air sampling device designed for measuring the concentration of particulate matter in the air. The device is housed in a rugged all-aluminum enclosure that provides electronic stability by filtering potential RF interference. It is easy to set up using the quick connect system with the EX-905 tripod, and holes are provided for fastening to any structure. The device can be turned on to start sampling using the most recent parameters, and it will continue to operate until user intervention or battery failure. The E-SAMPLER features Auto-Zero and Auto-Span, ensuring that the data collected is of the highest quality. Zero and Span can be operated manually or individually programmed at varying time bases.

The E-SAMPLER can also be configured for start/stop times, recording periods, averaging time, and other parameters. It has a programmable Auto-Zero and Auto-Span, auto-ranging from 1 to 65000 μm/m3, and automatic flow control protocol. It has an internal battery that provides 30 hours of operation without heater and 10 hours with a heater. The device uses a laser-diode precision optical engine and an integral 47mm analysis filter to monitor PM10, PM2.5, PM1, and TSP. The E-SAMPLER also measures ambient pressure and temperature and features an internal datalogger.

Optional Air Plus software is available for communications data collection and data reporting, supporting cellular data modem, radio, or direct connection communication for data collection and generates summary reports and graphs from the recorded data. The Comet software, which is included with each sampler, provides easy-to-use terminal access to the E-Sampler data. The E-SAMPLER is weatherproof and features purge-air protected optics. It is completely self-contained and does not require tools for filter replacement.