The EC1-X is a portable lux meter that has a 2-meter-long remote photocell to measure lighting in different work environments, its high precision and stability sensor allows obtaining specific data with the highest degree of precision possible.

The EC1-X portable luxometer is a versatile and accurate tool for measuring lighting in various work environments. It features a silicon photodiode for detecting light, and a remote probe for taking measurements from a distance. With a measurement range of 0.1-200000 lux, this device provides accurate readings to within +/- 3%. The EC1-X is powered by a 9V alkaline battery, making it a convenient and portable option for lighting measurements.

• Illumination detection by silicon photodiode
• Sensor with remote probe for remote measurements
• Range of 0.1-200000 lux
• Accuracy of +/- 3%
• Auto zero and power button off
• Hold function to keep a value on the screen
• 9V alkaline battery operation

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