Envizom is an Air quality monitoring software for real-time air quality data acquisition, visualization, and analytics. The Oizom environmental data interpretation engine fetches the data from the Oizom Environmental monitoring stations. On receiving the data, the engine runs necessary corrections and compensation algorithms. Envizom uses secured HTTPS servers for data storage. Alternatively, this data can also be stored on-premise local servers.

The dashboard module shows the data in different chart formats, whereas, in the Overview module, the devices can be seen geo-mapped to their respective locations. In addition, Envizom also offers advanced modules like Automated Reports, Smart Alerts, and Process automation.

Real time data: Envizom platform offers real time data visualization of all environmental parameters.

Smart alerts: Set alerts based on predefined threshold values and send notifications to the respective users through SMS, Email and push notifications.

User friendly interface: Envizom platform is user-friendly and navigation across modules is hassle-free and interactive.

Endorse your brand: Users can customize their Envizom platform and endorse their brand by updating their logo in the application.

Process automation: Enable process automation using our relay-based module and set thresholds to automate the integrated systems.

Easy to Set Up: A simple two-click setup application for users to access data remotely on any web browser.

One click Share: Users can share quick custom reports or share magic links for login with desired users from the application with a single click.

Data accessibility: Access real-time on the go from any internet power device like, a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.

Easy to Integrate: Through our REST APIs data from all the Oizom equipment can be integrated into any 3rd party platform.

Set Clusters: Users can create their own clusters by combining data points based on the location e.g Residential, Industrial, City.