The ES-412 Portable Simultaneous Particulate Profiler from Met One Instruments, Inc. is a lightweight and low-profile particulate monitor that measures PM2.5 and PM10 simultaneously. It is a Near-FEM product that provides high-quality and stable measurements consistent with EPA quality objectives. The unit is easy to set up for either temporary or permanent installation and is weatherproof for reliable outdoor use.

The ES-412 offers wireless and remote monitoring of PM concentrations, with data accessible on smartphones, tablets, or computers. The data is transmitted to a nearby cell tower every 15 minutes and includes information on device power, flow, and internal diagnostics. The device also features an internal GPS module, allowing users to view the unit’s location on a map through a customized web page dashboard.

Data from the ES-412 is backed up internally, and in the event of a communication loss with the cell tower, the unit will continuously attempt to re-establish communication until it is successful. The ES-412 comes as a complete system, including cellular communications, a customized web page dashboard, a 3-year data plan, and an AC power supply.