Falco – fixed gas sensor for monitoring Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) using PID technology, allowing continuous monitoring of this type of compound and giving an alarm when concentrations have exceeded a pre-established limit. Highly resistant to the effect of humidity and with several outputs that allow it to be integrated into a control system, ideal for the oil industry, manufacturing, processing, refineries, chemical plants, water treatment, the paper industry, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, among others:

  • Real Time Monitor for continuous monitoring of Organic Vapors through PID detection principle with 10.6 eV lamp.
  • Measurement range of 0-10/50.0/1000/3000 ppm with detection limit of 0.001/0.01/0.1/1 ppm respectively
  • Response time of 60 seconds (T90)
  • 4-10 mA output, RS485, USB and two SPST relays (60 VDC 2 A)
  • High contrast backlit OLED display
  • Status indicator by means of high luminosity LEDs.
  • Intuitive menu with magnetic operation and LED confirmation
  • Input voltage 12-40 VDC
  • Approval as intrinsically safe equipment