The G222E is a versatile and compact gas detector designed for monitoring one or two specific gases. It can be equipped with one or two electrochemical sensors, allowing for reliable detection of a variety of toxic gases, oxygen, or hydrogen in different measuring ranges. The device is approved for use in hazardous environments (Ex zone) and offers a durable, handy, and lightweight design for optimal safety and comfort.

The measured values, gas types, measuring range, and battery charging status can be easily read on the display at any time. The device is powered by a single alkaline battery, providing up to three months of continuous operating time. In the event of a dangerous gas concentration, the G222E will alert the user through visual, acoustic, and vibration alarms, ensuring prompt response to hazardous situations.

The G222E is particularly suitable for applications where the presence of a specific gas is anticipated. If carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, or hydrogen needs to be monitored, a one-gas detector is a cost-effective solution. The G222E offers an additional slot for a second electrochemical sensor to monitor oxygen concentration in addition to a toxic gas or hydrogen. It allows for flexibility in sensor configuration, enabling the monitoring of different toxic gases or using two sensors for the same gas but in different measuring ranges, depending on the specific application requirements.

Safety and wearing comfort were prioritized in the design of the Micro 5 series, to ensure its suitability for hazardous ATEX environments and mining applications. The rubberized plastic housing provides durability and protection against dust and water ingress (IP54, soon IP68). Despite its small size and lightweight nature (maximum of 4 ounces), the device offers reliable performance and can be comfortably worn even in confined spaces. The visual and acoustic alarms, along with vibration alerts, ensure that no alarms go unnoticed, even in loud environments or areas with low visibility.

The G222E features one or two EC sensors based on the user’s requirements, allowing for selective monitoring of one or two toxic gases, hydrogen, or oxygen. The sensors are durable and reliable, and a calibration cap is included for the daily bump test using test gas. The internal data logger can be accessed using the smart calibration cap and Config software connected to a PC via a USB cable. Calibration and adjustment of the G222E can be performed using a docking station DS400 or DS404.

The device’s LC display shows measured gas concentrations, gas types, and units. The battery status is also visible at any time. The display can be rotated by 180 degrees for easy reading when the device is attached to work clothes using the crocodile clip. The G222E is powered by a single battery, providing enough energy for nine months of use (based on 10-hour work days) or 90 days of continuous operation. The battery can be quickly replaced, ensuring minimal downtime and allowing the gas detector to be ready for use in less than a minute.

Overall, the G222E offers a reliable and versatile solution for monitoring specific gases in various applications. Its compact size, durable construction, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for personal safety and gas detection needs.