The online chromatograph is designed for continuous analysis of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels using a cell-specific electrochemical principle. This model is ideal for monitoring and verifying H2S levels in various applications such as catalyst protection, emissions monitoring, chimney monitoring, environmental monitoring, and total sulfide analysis. With a detection range of 5-1000 ppb or 1-1000 ppm and a cycle time of 120 seconds for H2S and TRS, this model provides accurate and reliable results. The low-maintenance design features a robust high-resistance metal capillary column and does not require sensor replacement or special maintenance. The integrated computer and VistaCHROM software provide data visualization, instrument configuration, and data analysis capabilities. The chromatograph can be calibrated using permeation tubes or gas cylinders and has the option for analog outputs 4-20 mA or modBus output. Optional accessories, such as nitrogen generators and multiplexers, are also available to enhance its performance.