Next-Generation Technology for Lake & Pond Health
Adding nanobubbles to your lake management plan has never been easier. With Moleaer’s Kingfisher™ nanobubble generator, reducing algae, foul odors and muck buildup is now possible with sustainable, chemical-free nanobubble technology. Simple shore-mounted installation, easy maintenance, and only three moving parts make the Kingfisher a cost effective tool for lake owners everywhere to take advantage of the unique benefits of nanobubbles.
Moleaer listened to industry experts and applied years of experience and research, including large-scale commercial water remediation projects, to develop this new, affordable nanobubble generator.


  • Designed for small water bodies
  • Easy to install & maintain with only 3 moving parts
  • Quiet, 57 dB at 3 feet away
  • Complimentary to traditional aeration systems
  • Standard 110V electrical outlet
  • Micro-dose ozone nanobubbles
  • Tamper-proof enclosure


  • Reduce algae
  • Minimize foul odors
  • Digest sediment
  • Improve water quality and clarity
  • Diminish midge fly habitat
  • Enhance fish and ecosystem health
  • Reduce nutrient buildup
  • Reduce reliance on chemicals

Designed For

  • Golf course ponds and waterways
  • HOA and condo lakes and ponds
  • Irrigation ponds and canals
  • Residential lakefronts