Improve Crop Health, Resilience & Yields Optimize irrigation water to promote improved plant growth and reduced inputs with Moleaer’s LotusTM patented nanobubble generator, a highly efficient gasinjection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates irrigation water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO).
The Lotus is designed for micro-growers and horticultural enthusiasts looking to enhance irrigation
water quality and plant health in operations treating less than 1000 gallons of water per day.

  • 10 GPM flow rate
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Self-priming, energy-efficient pump
  • Easy installation & maintenance
  • Robust with only two moving parts


  • Boost plant vigor and performance from early growth to flushing
  • Promote beneficial bacteria
  • Increase nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Suppress disease causing pathogens
  • Reduce biofilm and improve irrigation system hygiene
  • Reduce chemical and pesticide applications
  • Reduce water use through increased water uptake efficiency
  • Improve plant resilience to environmental stressors