Automatic station for continuous monitoring of water quality designed for online monitoring including all the necessary components such as spectrophotometric probe, controllers, pipes, flow cells and other accessories assembled from the factory. This station is fully modular to combine s::can instruments in a compact and versatile system. It presents a complete solution, as the user only has to connect the water supply and discharge to receive an unprecedented variety of information and parameters available immediately at no additional cost. This station can be designed for both wastewater and drinking water, so that all its components are suitable for measuring correctly.

  • Automatic station for monitoring water quality in both wastewater and drinking water of the parameters required for the application such as AOC, BOD, BTX, COD, color, DOC, FTU/NTU, H2S, NO2-N, NO3 -N, O3, TOC, TSS, UV254, fingerprint and spectral, temperature and pressure alarms
  • Terminal con::cube with moni::tool software for data acquisition, visualization and station control
  • Includes automatic brush cleaning device to provide cleanliness of optical measurement windows
  • Sample handling and piping system with panel mounting; PU material, inner diameter 6mm, outer diameter 8mm
  • Flow detection system configured to give an alarm if the flow rate drops below a critical value.
  • Inlet strainer system ensures system protection with screw cap for easy strainer removal/cleaning