Nanobubble Treatment When & Where You Need It NaaS Solutions
Introducing Nanobubbles-as-a-Service (NaaS), a new offering from the global leader in nanobubble technology. NaaS provides modular and scalable nanobubble solutions for a wide variety of municipal, commercial and industrial processes.
Nanobubbles are a unique class of science that produce exceptional improvements in water treatment, food production and resource recovery. Moleaer’s patented technology injects trillions of nano-sized gas bubbles into liquid and delivers best-in-class gas-to-liquid transfer (over 85% transfer efficiency). Moleaer’s NaaS provides all the benefits of our patented nanobubble technology in flexible, customizable packages, while reducing upfront costs and eliminating the need to own equipment permanently. NaaS takes the stress away with sustainable, chemical-free solutions to solve a variety of industry challenges.

Respond quickly to seasonal demands and unexpected conditions with Moleaer’s modular
• Scalable from 500 to 5000 GPM (114-1136 m3/hr)
• Gas-injection for O2, Air, CO2, N2 for specialized applications, and more
• Modular flexibility
• Remote monitoring and sensing technology for system control and automation

Wastewater Surface,  Water & Remediation,  Agriculture & Horticulture
• Emergency compliance projects
• Seasonal loading mitigation
• Inhibitory surfactant removal
• Odor and Sulfide mitigation
• Promote biological and supplemental aeration
• Clarify wastewater through solids separation
• Improve wastewater treatment efficiency
• Emergency water remediation projects
• Seasonal water improvements, such as algae control
• Short-term compliance needs
• Improve water quality
• Help control algae, bacteria and pathogens
• Reduce muck and sediment for clearer, healthier water bodies
• Reduce H2S and foul odors
• High capacity irrigation reservoir water treatment
• Improve water quality
• Control algae, biofilm and water-borne pathogens
• Reduce soil compaction and improve water infiltration and distribution uniformity
• Supersaturate irrigation water with high concentrations of dissolved oxygen
• Boost plant vigor and increase plant resilience to environmental stressors