Moleaer’s patented Neo™ N nanobubble generator is a highly efficient gas-to-liquid injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO). Without the use of chemicals, the Neo N is a highly effective tool to improve water quality, enhance water infiltration in soils and substrates, suppresswater-borne pathogens, reduce biofilm and algae and promote healthy, resilient plants. The Neo N comes with a PLC controller that enables automation and control of the system when not used in continuous operation. The Neo N is quiet and corrosion-resistant with stainless steel components. A robust and durable design, the Neo N is easy to install into existing irrigation or water treatment systems and comes standard with onboard oxygengeneration.
• Significantly increase DO levels
• Improve root health & plant vigor
• Enhance nutrient absorption in plants
• Suppress and prevent algae, pathogens and biofilm*
• Improve infiltration and dripper uniformity
• Improve irrigation system hygiene
• Complement IPM strategies
• Reduce chemical usage
• Easy to integrate with fertigation systems and climate control systems
• Programmable automation controls
• Operating sensors and alarms
• Integrated real-time DO monitoring
• Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel frame and components
• Onboard oxygen generation

• Hydroponics
• Drip Irrigation
• Drain Water
• Reservoirs
• Day Tanks
• Aquaculture Systems
Water Treatment:
• Drain Water Treatment
• Reservoirs
• Iron Oxidation
• Algae Control