NephNet is the first battery powered, portable turbidity monitor that is revolutionising the water industry.

ATi’s innovative NephNet Portable Turbidity Monitor gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor – with no compromise on measurement.

Our specialist knowledge in the sector of network monitoring allows us to lead the way in portable, online turbidity monitoring and take an already great product and turn it into something genuinely unique. NephNet is available with several RTU options including a Bluetooth option,* it will generate live data and transmit it to the web portal for easy access. Tried and trusted turbidity sensor technology using our existing and proven turbidity sensor means you will benefit from ATi’s expertise in the water quality sector. Our knowledge in this field is unrivalled, ensuring the ability to generate accurate and reliable data, time after time.

NephNet is used to control both responsive flushing and controlled, planned cleaning, which helps to safeguard water quality for consumers.  This new technology offers a string of benefits to help water companies control their mains flushing, including continuous remote monitoring of turbidity; better accuracy at lower levels; fast connection to water mains via hydrants; and wireless communications and alarms. If NephNet is permanently deployed it can also allow customers to track any issues, identify where problems are occurring and forewarn when any problems are likely to reach the customers.