The patented Moleaer Nexus Nanobubble Generator is a pumpless system designed to work inline with existing liquid flows. The Nexus is highly efficient gas-to-liquid injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO). Negatively charged, neutrally buoyant nanobubbles remain suspended in water for long periods of time, acting like an oxygen battery that delivers oxygen to the entire body of water. As oxygen is consumed, the nanobubbles continue to diffuse more oxygen into solution to maintain optimal levels of DO. The oxygen nanobubbles aid in the removal and prevention of biofilm growth, breakdown of off-flavor compounds and suppression of harmful pathogens. Moleaer’s Nexus is an economical and highly effective tool that improves water quality and oxygen utilization rates to maintain optimal growing or rearing conditions.
The Moleaer Nexus has no moving parts, and was designed for durable operation, easy installation and straightforward integration with existing pumping systems. The Nexus can utilize an array of pump types to provide the specified liquid flow through the nanobubble generator and can be installed inline with the primary flow or as a side stream to provide immediate increases in oxygen levels within any process.
Features & Benefits:
• 100 nm-sized bubbles
• Saltwater compatible
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Reliable & rugged design
• Low maintenance, simple operation
• Outdoor rated
• Optional dissolved oxygen monitoring system
• Optional remote water quality monitoring