The PAX is a sensitive, high-resolution, fast-response instrument for measuring aerosol optical properties relevant for climate change and carbon particle sensing. Get accurate measurements for both light absorption and scattering in a single instrument. Then correlate the absorption measurement black carbon mass concentration.  Get continuous and autonomous operation, with no filter collection required and no filter data artifacts. Count on fast response, one-second resolution, and real-time data display on a high-resolution touch screen.  Achieve excellent scattering coefficient sensitivity with reciprocal nephelometry. Select from three wavelengths (870 nm [standard], optional 405 nm, or 532 nm), and get wide dynamic range suitable for pristine regions to source sampling.

PAX Software

The PAX is controlled by fully-integrated software that presents an intuitive user interface via either the front-panel touchscreen or a web browser on any networked computer. With this interface, you get:

  • Real-time display of measured and calculated data and instrument status, plus configuration of the instrument’s operating parameters
  • Password-protected access via web browser, with full instrument operation and configuration from remote locations
  • Data written to an easy-to-read ASCII file – which can be downloaded, archived, and displayed via an external program on a network-connected computer
  • The capability to upload calibration information to the PAX and perform other maintenance functions