These glass sorbent tubes are high-quality sampling devices used to adsorb vapors and gases during air quality testing. They are designed for use with low flow sampling pumps and fit various tube holders,  Sorbent Tube Sampler. The tubes are divided into two sections, with the first section being twice the size of the second section, which acts as a backup to detect airborne contaminants breakthrough in the front section.

Some features of these sorbent tubes include high sorbent material purity to ensure contamination-free samples, accurate sorbent weight for uniform testing results, and compliance with all NIOSH specifications for tube dimensions, sorbent quality, particle size, divider composition, and pore size. They also have uniform pressure drop to ensure repeatable sampling results and proper physical dimensions for a snug fit in tube holder systems. The charcoal used in these sorbent tubes is pure coconut shell charcoal, 20/40 mesh, thermally activated at 600° C. The tubes come with plastic end caps.