Portable heat stress and thermal comfort meter that can assess heat stress using the WBGT index (with or without solar load), WBGT Eff, and WBGT Ref with Delta to the limit calculation in real-time. It can also assess thermal comfort using the PMV-PPD index in real-time (according to ISO7730).

The system includes a verification probe for the temperatures measured by the system, and it can be used as a stand-alone model (ELR600M/ELR605M) or with built-in radio technology (ELR610M/ELR615M) for simultaneous wireless monitoring in different locations/heights. It is rated IP54 and has 8MB memory for extended data logging.

Battery life is 200 hours (with radio on 20 hours), and measurements can be automatically started and stopped. The design and performance are according to ISO7243 and ISO7726 standards, and it includes the HS Manager program for data downloading, assessment, and reporting.

Data can be exported to GIDAS TEA software for additional features, including the calculation of additional indices such as Predicted Heat Strain (PHS-ISO7923) and Required Clothing Insulation (IREQ-ISO11079).

The Heat Shield meter displays on-line WBGT index (with or without solar load), WBGT Eff and Delta to the WBGT Ref, plus Heat Index and Humidex indices. Additionally, if the ESV125A anemometer is connected, the Heat Shield can directly calculate the PMV-PPD comfort index (according to ISO7730). The models with built-in radio technology can support up to two satellite units to assess analysis at different levels or in different locations.

Overall, it seems like this portable heat stress and thermal comfort meter is well-equipped to monitor and assess heat stress and thermal comfort in various environments and conditions, and provides a range of features and capabilities for data logging, analysis, and reporting.