EN-505451 certified PPS+ Series is designed for continuously monitoring carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and LPG gases in enclosed car parks and tunnels.

PPS+ Series consists PPS Manager and PPS+ Detectors. Totally, 128 PPS Series detectors can be managed by PPS Manager Control Panel

• Flexibility: Extendable up to 4 zones. Up to 32 detectors for each zone.
• Capacity: 128 detectors can be managed at the same time.
• Communication: Modbus RS485 addressable connection allows easy implementation.
• Relays: Fan 1, Fan2, Alarm contacts in each zone to run ventilation and other systems
• Status: 1 Alarm and 1 Fault extra relay contacts for overall status
• Diversification: Allows the user to connect different gas detectors in same loop
• Display: Bright and clear LCD display
• Alarm: Adjustable alarm levels in different parameters.
• Sensor: High quality electrochemical sensor for detecting CO(0-300ppm) and NO2(0-30ppm)gases. Catalytic sensor for detecting LPG gas(0-100%LEL)
• Backup: 2 x backup battery location to continue operation in case of energy loss.