Accessory designed as a remote interface for TSI PresSura Room Pressure Monitors and Controller. Displays room mode and alarm status for up to eight rooms.

The PresSura™ NSD8 Nurses Station Monitor is a useful accessory for hospitals using TSI PresSura Room Pressure Monitors and Controllers. It provides a remote interface that can display the room mode and alarm status of up to eight rooms at once. Additionally, it can automatically discover connected PresSura devices and communicate with them outside of the building automation system (BAS), which helps to reduce BAS network traffic.

One of the key benefits of the NSD8 is its ability to change the room mode of connected PresSura devices to “No Isolation Mode” when pressure direction is not critical. This is particularly useful when a room is unoccupied, as it allows the PresSura devices to be configured to deactivate alarms and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

The NSD8 also features audible and visual alarms, which can alert staff to unsafe conditions in a room. Overall, the PresSura NSD8 Nurses Station Monitor is a valuable tool for hospitals seeking to improve patient and staff safety by monitoring room pressure differentials in a centralized, efficient manner.