The RAD-60 is a highly accurate and reliable personal dosimeter that is designed to ensure the safety of personnel working in environments with potential radiation exposure. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it ideal for everyday radiation monitoring, and it can also be used in System Mode to track personnel dose records and generate compliance reports.

The RAD-60 utilizes advanced technology to eliminate outside interference from shock and RF, and it features built-in memory for retrieving dose information, even during power-down. The dosimeter is easily programmable by the user, with a digital display that allows for instant dose or dose rate readings.

The RAD-60 also features several dose and dose rate alarm levels that can be selected by the user, as well as a chirp function that can be turned on or off. Additionally, the dosimeter can perform battery tests and reset the integrated dose with the push of a button. If an alarm is triggered, the RAD-60 emits a loud audible alarm to alert the user to potential exposure.