ATi’s SeptiNet is an innovative breakthrough in smart, continuous and accurate wastewater septicity monitoring for sewer networks. Forming part of a pioneering range of smart sewer network solutions, including the integrated ATi and s::can revolutionary SewerNet water quality monitoring solution, SeptiNet monitors both hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas and Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP), offering the ultimate smart septicity monitoring solution.

Due to ATi’s unique manufacturing base of both water and gas analytical sensors, SeptiNet allows wastewater utilities to monitor both liquid and gas in one combined solution anywhere within the sewer network.  Data generated from SeptiNet is linked directly to the customer’s preferred RTU and transferred to an intermediate cloud for analytics, integrated into the customers own Scada reporting protocol.

To predict, prevent and control septicity of an entire sewer network is complex, however ATi’s SeptiNet removes any guess work, enabling the complete management of septicity. By combining both liquid and gas smart sensor technology, and as part of a Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) monitoring solution, SeptiNet improves the control of assets and processes, enabling access to data for both online and offline analysis and modelling.

Designed specifically for applications in both wastewater treatment and sewer networks, SeptiNet generates continuous and accurate data for septicity prevention, allowing the management of odour and corrosion, whilst reducing the formation of hazardous atmospheres and negative environmental impacts.

SeptiNet helps to protect the wastewater treatment process, the extra sewer storage, reduces overflow and pollution to rivers and is suitable for installing anywhere within a sewer network, including:

  • Inlets to wastewater treatment works.
  • Inlets to CSOs
  • Outlets / overflows of CSOs
  • Pumping station
  • Manholes within the network

SeptiNet uses smart sensor technology, combined with data intelligence, for large scale mass deployment across sewer networks. This innovative solution has been developed using telemetry to drive sustainable use of the world’s natural resources, offering customers an end-to-end approach to manage wastewater assets in hazardous environments, whilst also reducing pollution for a better, greener world.

Features & specification

  • Monitors both liquid & gas in one complete solution
  • Early alerts allowing mitigating action, avoiding risks of complaints, corrosion and explosion
  • Data value increases with the number of measuring points, building a better picture, control and management of the sewer network
  • Alarm set points
  • Calibration timer can alert users when calibration is due
  • Future-proof in terms of communication
  • Stores data at user defined intervals from 0.1-60 minutes
  • Stores over 300K values, or 30 days of data


SeptiNet is available for the following applications including:

  • Sewer Networks
  • Waste Water Treatment