Solfix Engineering installs cameras (with or without license plate recognition), of the highest quality with local storage from 15 to 60 days of recording and sending the information to our servers in the Microsoft cloud through 4G or 5G communications.

TRAFFIC (Vehicle Traffic): Monitor traffic events and have real-time information (vehicles, license plates, speed, people).

EFFECTIVE SUPERVISION: View events in real time (unlimited number of cameras), save time and improve the effectiveness of your local police and monitor work on public roads.

ADVANCED SEARCH: Locate the event produced in seconds and download the corresponding video with a single click.

CLEANING, GARBAGE AND GARDENING: Detect the efficiency of cleaning, garbage, and gardening services and prevent neighbors from depositing garbage in the wrong places.

LICENSE LICENSES: Control and supervise the license plates of the vehicles that circulate in your city. Detect if a vehicle is wanted.

AVERAGE SPEED PER LICENSE PLATE: Improve safety preventatively. Detect when a vehicle has passed through an area more than 10 times, make virtual rounds, avoid vandalism, theft, harassment.

Easy and efficient search for events Thanks to our search system, you can download the images or videos you need in seconds and forward them to the relevant entity if necessary, manage the sanction or simply monitor the service with real evidence of non-compliance.

Quick installation: The cameras do not need to have a specific light point, any streetlight can be used. It is also not necessary to install a recorder, nor have the cameras at a specific distance from the town hall or Municipality with a direct line of sight (essential for a Wi-Fi communication) nor do you need to install fiber to obtain maximum image or video quality.

Install the cameras wherever you want (4G) By communicating via 4G, you can install the cameras anywhere, change them whenever you want, adapting to the needs of your city, e.g. party areas, parades, concerts, bullfights, football, etc.

Total security. All cameras have local storage so it is not necessary for them to be connected to the internet for them to continue working. Communication with the platform is carried out via 4G through a secure VPN and connection to a Microsoft server with duplicate service. This technology does not have a physical NVR, which avoids the risk of sabotage or failure of storage hard drives.