The RL-15/RL-35 water level measuring device is designed to provide highly accurate measurements of the surface water level without any direct contact with the water. Here are some of the features and advantages of this device:

The system is contact-free and maintenance-free, which eliminates the need for regular checks and servicing. The measurement range is 15 m or 35 m, depending on the model, and the near-blanking zone is 0.5 m, which ensures that the measurements taken are highly accurate, with a precision of +/- 2mm.

The device has a compact design that allows for easy integration into existing systems, and it is independent of environmental influences such as temperature, wind, and humidity. This ensures that the device can be used in various conditions and locations.

The design of the device is also vandal-proof, which means it is not easily tampered with, ensuring that it provides reliable and accurate measurements at all times. The interfaces provided are 4 to 20 mA, and SDI-12 is also available as an option.

Overall, the RL-15/RL-35 device is an excellent option for contact-free water level measurement that provides highly accurate readings and is easy to integrate into existing systems.