The mobile measuring device RP-30 (Radar Profiler) is a portable measuring system that creates a surface velocity profile from rivers and channels. The system, together with the data of the river cross-section and water level, determines the discharge, making it a very helpful measuring device, especially for use in flood conditions.

One advantage of the RP-30 is its portable and mobile design, making it easy to mount on cable cranes, bridge railings, or tripods. The system is suitable for flood conditions and high flow velocities, and its non-contact radar measuring technology means that there is no threat from debris or driftwood.

The RP-30 calculates discharge with known water level and cross-section profile, providing accurate measurements with easy operator controls and handling. Remote data transmission via Bluetooth allows for easy data transfer and analysis. The measuring range is 0.08 to 16 m/s, depending on the flow conditions, providing a wide range of measurement options.

Overall, the mobile measuring device RP-30 (Radar Profiler) is a portable and reliable solution for non-contact discharge measurement. Its ability to operate in flood conditions, high flow velocities, and non-contact radar technology makes it a valuable tool for researchers, engineers, and other professionals involved in river management and monitoring.