The RQ-30 ADMS (All-in-One Discharge Measurement System) is a compact and comprehensive solution for measuring river discharge. It utilizes the non-contact flow velocity and water level sensors of the RQ-30 and applies the same algorithms and models to calculate the discharge.

One of the main advantages of the RQ-30 ADMS is its autonomy. The system is powered by rechargeable batteries that allow it to operate autonomously for several months. Additionally, the integrated charge controller makes it easy to connect a solar panel, which can further extend the system’s operating time.

The RQ-30 ADMS also comes equipped with an integrated data logger that offers wireless 2-way communication. This allows for remote access to the sensor and data logger from anywhere at any time. The system can also send notifications via email or SMS, which can alert users to changes in river discharge.

Another useful feature of the RQ-30 ADMS is the option to add a SOMMER time-lapse camera for visual surveillance of the monitoring site. This can provide additional information about the river’s behavior and changes over time.

Overall, the RQ-30 ADMS is a reliable and versatile solution for measuring river discharge. Its compact housing and comprehensive features make it a valuable tool for researchers, engineers, and other professionals involved in river management and monitoring.