The SP2 is Droplet’s premier instrument for direct measurement of black carbon in individual aerosol particles. The SP2 delivers unmatched detail about black carbon particles, including mass, size, heat of vaporization, and coating – critical information for characterization of pollution sources, accurate description of optical properties, and prediction of health effects.

Enhance model effectiveness by capturing variances in black carbon make-up with single particle detection. Measure black carbon independently of particle mixing state with Nd:YAG intracavity laser-induced particle incandescence (LII).  Get full characterization of each individual black carbon particle (mass, size, heat of vaporization, and coating) with simultaneous measurement of incandescence and light scattering.

Detect black carbon at concentrations below 10 ng/m3 with dual gain stages – enabling full characterization in the cleanest environments. Control the instrument, display data, and log data with UI software and a user-friendly virtual instrument panel. Perform advanced data analysis and create journal-quality reports with a comprehensive toolkit.

SP2 Software

The SP2 features a built-in software program that provides a user-friendly virtual instrument panel for the control, data display, and data logging of the instrument.

  • View graphs of incandescence and scattering signals from individual particles.
  • View the incandescent particle concentration over the last 30 minutes.
  • Monitor parameters like YAG laser power and flow measurements.
  • Change the charts and data channels displayed in the software.
  • Filter data that is saved to the output file so it includes only specific types of particle events.