Supervisor is a PC software package for health and safety specialists. The package supports all Svantek instruments for the health and safety market. The plug & play connection automatically detects noise dosimeters, sound level meters and vibration dosimeters to configure the measurement settings and download the data. Every instrument that connects to Supervisor is remembered together with information such as the uploaded settings, firmware version, as well as the calibration validity date and instrument clock time. When data is downloaded, they are automatically categorised by measurement time and assigned to the instrument’s serial number.

Supervisor is designed to meet the needs of different users. In the case of simple applications that only require the analysis of the main results such as LAeq, LAFmax and Lcpeak, the program offers quick previews and reporting without the need to open any data files. More advanced applications are handled within sessions where the user can choose the type of analysis to be performed. Those who draw up noise or vibration reports on a daily basis will appreciate the report templates which, once created, can be applied to different sets of measurement files.

SUPERVISOR – PC Software for Health and Safety

The intuitive interface of Supervisor guides users through configuring the dosimeters with predefined setups for OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH and ISO standards. Find out more about the functionality of Supervisor