The Vented Balance Enclosure with Bag-in/Bag-out filtration from Flow Sciences is designed to create a safe and stable working environment in laboratory settings. It is specifically engineered to accommodate larger micro and analytical balances, with a 30″ deep base.

One of the key features of this enclosure is the airflow design. Airfoils and plenums are utilized to generate laminar airflow across the work surface, reducing eddies and turbulence. This design promotes a stable balance readout and minimizes material loss.

The enclosure includes a top-mounted exhaust system equipped with dual 4″ HEPA filters or carbon filters. This allows for the option of recirculating the filtered air back into the laboratory or venting it out through the building exhaust.

Safety is a priority in this series of enclosures, making it suitable for various applications, including benchtop/scale-up and nanotechnology. Engineered controls are in place to prevent containment loss. Third-party testing has demonstrated containment levels below 1 μg/m3, based on the specific process and quantity.

Vibration isolation is incorporated into the design to ensure that the fan’s vibration does not transfer to the work surface. This feature enables accurate weighing and other sensitive applications.

The phenolic base of the enclosure is chemically resistant and dished to contain spills, providing protection to the work surface from potentially harmful chemicals.

Clear acrylic walls are used in the enclosure to enhance ambient light transmission, providing good visibility inside the workspace.

A face velocity alarm is included in this series, which comes standard on all units. This alarm system visually and audibly alerts the operator when the airflow is compromised. The air velocity is measured at the face opening to ensure accuracy.

The Vented Balance Enclosure is available in various standard width options, including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 feet. Custom sizing options are also available to meet specific requirements.