ZD 21 – fixed gas sensor for oxygen monitoring with fast response and great sensor durability of up to 5 years. A low-cost solution for immediate oxygen deficiency responses by alerting you to low oxygen levels. Ideal for applications where it is required to know if the oxygen levels are very low quickly or rooms where gases are used that displace the air due to their density, generating a high risk of an oxygen deficiency in an unexpected and rapid way that requires an action and immediate alert:

  • Zirconium sensor for oxygen measurement
  • Range of 0-25% Vol.
  • Fast response less than 2 seconds.
  •  Resistant to CO2 exposure.
  • Immune to changes in ambient temperature, pressure or humidity.
  •  4-20mA output signal.
  • Operation by current 10-30 VDC
  •  Degree of Protection IP54.
  • Expected life of 5 years for the sensor.