The Monitor 200 seems to be a versatile radiation detector device that can measure various types of radiation, including alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays. It offers different units of measurements, including CPM, CPS, μSv/hr, mR/hr, or accumulated counts, which can be displayed on the digital backlit display. It features a red count light and a beeper that sounds with each count detected. The device also includes an adjustable timer and a customizable alert.

The device comes with free Observer USB software for Windows, which allows users to download data, set computer alarms, and monitor radiation levels remotely. The Observer BLE software is also available for use with the optional Bluetooth module, which enables users to download the Radiation Alert Observer BLE app from the Google App Store. With the app, users can display readings from the detector on their Android device, label sample readings and descriptions, take timed counts, append GPS data, and send their saved survey file. The device also allows users to set alarms on the instrument, which will activate on their Android device.

The Monitor 200 can be used for various applications, including surveying for NORM contamination, gross wipe counting, contamination surveys of packages, equipment, and people, regulatory inspections, scrap metal screening, low energy radionuclide detection, checking accelerator and x-ray shielding for leakage, industrial gauges containing Cesium-137, locating sources, personal protection, and general surveying.