The compact design of the GMA 200 controller series as a DIN rail module enables cost-effective and space-saving installation. Up to 16 detectors can be connected to the GMA 200 gas warning system. The quick and easy configuration of the measuring point designations, the detector type, the type of gas and measuring range as well as three individual or specified alarm thresholds can be programmed for each measuring point using the configuration software through a USB port. The configuration software offers numerous and flexible options, such as the assignment of one or several measuring points to relays, single alarms per measuring point and alarm threshold, configuration of collective or group alarms and fault messages and voting functions.

The GMA 200-MT has an intuitive, backlit graphical LCD with “traffic light function” (green, amber, red) in the event of gas alarms. The GMA 200-MT gas warning system can be equipped with a micro SD card for saving the measured values, mean values, alarm events and faults.

If switching functions for explosion protection are required, the GMA 200-MT gas warning system is the optimal solution.with different technologies and measurement parameters:

  • Up to 16-channel controller for connection of up to 16 GfG transmitters
  • Compatible with GfG transmitters for combustible, toxic and oxygen sensors
  • Detection range depending on the sensor in PPM,% LEL,% Vol or mg/m3
  • Input of 16 analog signals of 4-20 MA or 0.2-1 ma and maximum input resistance of 50 Ohms
  • 2 Digital Inputs And 2 inputs RS 485 bus for connection of external modules of relays or digital transmitters in bus connection
  • 1 RS 485 input for digital transfer of measurements and output data to a higher level control center or for connection to master relay modules
  • 6 output relays (NO) fully configurable for a measuring point, alarm value or multiple-point collective alarms
  • 1 output Relay for faults (NC)
  • 2 4-20 MA analog outputs with 600 resistance Ohms Fully configurable
  • option of relay modules increasing up to 64 relays per GMA 200 MT System (using 4 additional modules of relays)
  • 3 independent alarms for each measuring point (AL1-AL2-AL3) fully configurable in the measuring range of each transmitter
  • Operating temperature from-10 to 50 °c
  • MicroSD slot registration capabilities with configurable intervals from 5 s to 60 min and instant value record, average, maximum and minimum
  • Independently configurable logging functions for each channel
  • Digital LCD Display with 5 buttons and led indicators for status, alarms and relay status (a total of 16 LEDs)
  • Mini USB connection for parameter configuration Via Software with option to save different configurations
  • 20-30 VDC Current operation
  • Easy DIN-Rail mounting
  • Connection for siren and strobe light