SensAlarm Plus – all-in-one detection system which is integrated by both the transmitter and one of the sensors of the Sensydine family in a compact housing with LCD display, connection options for strobe lights, alarm horn among other outputs including 4-20 mA , relays among others. It is a compact system which allows not only the measurement of the target gas but also the display of its concentration and the generation of alarms to alert personnel and take measures according to the type of alarm presented:

  • All-in-one gas measurement system for any Sensydine sensor for toxic compounds, explosives, oxygen, among others.
  • Strobe lights (Option to have two of different colors) and horn for alarm warning.
  • Indication of remaining percentage of sensor life, Auto recognition of sensor type
  • Possibility of mounting in ducts and remote sensors
  • Connection to current 20-30 VDC
  • 4-20 mA outputs, Modbus RJ485 (Optional), Alarm relays among others
  • High brightness LCD screen
  • Backup battery option