SensAlert ASI – transmitter for fixed systems that allows connecting any Sensydine brand sensor in such a way that the signal can be interpreted, providing different outputs and connection options to the sensor user. These sensors have analog and digital outputs as well as a way to connect different relays depending on the user’s requirement, they have all the intrinsically safe certifications in addition to having easy installation and intuitive handling in the field:

  • SensAlert ASI transmitter compatible with electrochemical, catalytic and infrared sensors
  • TOD technology for predictive testing of sensor life
  • Power connection with 2 or 3 cables of 18-30 VDC
  • Option for output relays, 4-20 mA output, HART communication cards, RJ845 ModBus protocol among other options.
  • LCD screen for visualization and configuration of the sensor with handling by means of a magnet.
  • Intrinsically safe with international approvals ATEX, NEC, CEC, IMETRO among others
  • European SIL-2 Certification