The RG-30 flow velocity sensor offers several features and advantages for contact-free velocity measurements of rivers and channels. Firstly, it is maintenance-free, which means there is no need for regular maintenance checks. Secondly, the sensor does not require any structural work in the water, making it easy to install. Thirdly, it can be easily integrated into existing systems, which makes it cost-effective.

Additionally, the sensor is not threatened by flooding, making it a reliable option for measuring flow velocity in areas prone to flooding. It also has low power consumption, which saves on energy costs. The sensor is capable of recognizing the flow direction and has a measuring range of 0.08 to 16 m/s, depending on the flow conditions. It has a near blanking zone of 0.5 m, ensuring that the measurements taken are accurate.

The sensor is non-contact, which means that measurements are taken without coming into contact with the water, resulting in fast and reliable measurements. It can be set to its own measurement interval or triggered externally, providing flexibility to the user. Finally, the sensor is independent of environmental influences, which ensures that it can be used in a variety of conditions without affecting the accuracy of the measurements.