The SV 110 is a portable vibration calibrator designed for checking machine sensors, as well as for in situ controls of human vibration accelerometers according to ISO 8041. The small size of the SV 110 allows you to easily check the sensors where the user can Select the acceleration calibration level from 1 m/s2 to 10 m/s2 at various frequency points. The accelerometers are conveniently attached by means of a mounting bolt, a mounting disc or a dedicated adapter. The calibrator menu allows you to select between both “g” and “m / s2” metric systems using three buttons and a small OLED screen. The SV 110 is the perfect solution for the calibration checks of hand-arm vibration meters, included SV103 and SV106A from Svantek. Following the requirements of ISO 8041, the integrated reference accelerometer of the calibrator of the vibrations of the transverse shaft (transverse) to detect any interference in the calibration signal. LED in the calibrator housing This unique solution guarantees the stability of both the calibration level and the frequency, regardless of the mass of the test object. The SV 110 vibration calibrator is the best option for the verification of sensors for machinery, as well as human vibration accelerometers according to ISO 8041. It allows to verify this type of instrumentation in different selectable accelerations and frequencies.

  • Calibrator for field vibrations according to ISO 8041
  • Selectable frequency of 79.6 Hz/159.2 Hz
  • Selectable acceleration between 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 m/s2 depending on the frequency
  • Frequency error less than 0.5%
  • Rechargeable battery for up to 12 hours of operation
  • Instrument status LED’s
  • OLED display with information on calibration parameters
  • Maximum calibration weight of 300 g (79.58 Hz) and 200 g (159.2 Hz)