SV 33B is a class 1 sound calibrator produces an acoustic pressure of reference level 114 dB at frequency of 1 kHz. The SV 33B is suitable for calibration of Class 1 and Class 2 sound level meters and dosimeters with 1/2″ microphones.

SV 33B uses a built-in reference piezoresistive sensor for monitoring generated level, pressure and temperature sensors for measurements of atmospheric conditions and a microprocessor system controlling the operation of the calibrator. Sinusoidal waveform of 1 kHz frequency is digitally generated and feeds the loudspeaker. Sampled signal from the reference piezoresistive sensor indicates the level of currently generated signal in a feedback loop. Based on information about the level of the signal, actual values of pressure and temperature, microprocessor adjusts amplification of the loudspeaker signal in order to produce appropriate sound pressure level in the calibrator’s chamber.

  • Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator according to ISO 60942
  • One sound pressure level at 114 dB
  • One frequency level at 1000 Hz
  • Operation by AAA batteries
An acoustic calibrator is a device which produces an acoustic pressure of defined level and frequency. In other words, an acoustic calibrator is a template of acoustic pressure. With the help of such a reference template we can check the accuracy of the measurements performed with the sound level meter and adjust it if a drift error in sensitivity is indicated. The accuracy of acoustic calibrators used for the calibration of the measurement path should match the class of sound level meter. Depending on the instrument’s performance Class 1 or Class 2 calibrators are used.