The RSD6000™ is a pinnacle of innovation, offering unprecedented capabilities and superior specifications. This cutting-edge instrument is designed to measure vehicle emissions non-intrusively as they pass by on streets and highways. Utilizing a sophisticated system, it projects a focused beam of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) light across the roadway, penetrating the exhaust plumes of vehicles. The light is then reflected back to the instrument by a strategically placed mirror, where it is analyzed by high-precision detectors. These detectors measure the specific wavelengths absorbed by various pollutants, providing instantaneous, accurate emissions data.

In addition, the RSD6000™ is exemplary of non-intrusive monitoring, capturing detailed emissions from vehicles in real-time driving conditions. It rapidly processes data, collecting extensive emissions information in mere seconds. Employing spectroscopic absorbance techniques in the IR and UV spectra quantifies a range of pollutants such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, and even particulate matter. This device seamlessly calculates emissions per kilogram of fuel burned and converts these figures to emissions per kilometer using established stoichiometric principles.

Main features:

Portable and flexible deployment: The standard configuration features a highly portable setup for adaptable monitoring. The RSD can be swiftly deployed, repositioned, and operational within 20 minutes, including calibration. It boasts a battery life of 20 hours and internet connectivity for effortless remote monitoring.

Fixed and continuous monitoring: The RSD6000™ can be installed at a permanent site for continuous, around-the-clock monitoring. Housed in robust IP65-rated cabinets on either side of the road, this setup ensures all-weather operation and reliable data collection.

Quality and compliance: Accredited under ISO-17025 for remote real-driving emissions measurements, Opus RSE sets the industry standard. Our systems undergo annual audits and continuous calibration, ensuring precision and compliance.

Cost-effective: Offering the most economical solution for real-world emissions monitoring, the RSD6000™ is favored for both short-term studies and long-term programs. It’s designed for ease of use, requiring minimal training for independent operation by clients worldwide.